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Why NLMK slab shop?
Product range
Thickness: from 200mm to 400mm
Width: from 800mm to 2 800mm
Weight: up to 70 tons

 Industries & segments
- Construction & white goods
- Automotive & Machine building
- Energy & Q&T

Not available:
- Stainless steel, Heat resistant steels
- Tool steel (on special request)

Commercial benefits
Smart procurement – purchasing small tonnages avoiding excessive slab stocks.

Widest product range (both size & grades) of worlds largest slab shop.

Shortest possible delivery window from order creation to slab delivery.

Personalized approach in development of optimal portfolio just for you.

Technical benefits

High-quality steel products. Wide range of steel grades produced: from construction to offshore, automotive and electrical steels

Maximum flexibility – order from 60 tons of slabs. 

Flexible optimization and fine tuning of your current portfolio

Just in time delivery – receiving slabs when you need them

About NLMK
Leading international manufacturer. NLMK Group is a leading international manufacturer of high-quality steel products with a vertically integrated business model.

- NLMK Group ranked among top 5 most competitive global steel companies by World Steel Dynamics

- NLMK Group among Top 10 steel companies globally in value creations
1. Searching the lot
All slab lots available on the Platform could be accessed on the "Slab Lots" section of the top bar menu. Once you navigate to this section you may see all the lots with information on bidding dates and full technical information required to make your choice.
2. Filters and navigation
Slab Shop offers you a wide majority of filters that can be applied to lots and provide you with the appropriate sorting. The "By Grade" tab gives you control over the size parameters, industry and steel grade. Additional tags on the top of the section with lots will allow you to set up the subgroups of the industry you chose. Another option is the "By Chemistry" tab, where you may customize precisely all chemical components as well as size parameters. On the Gant chart, you may find a piece of useful information on the lot's detailed chemistry and scheduling production and delivery period.
3. Placing and editing orders
Each lot placed on the Platform has the Add button which allows you intuitively to place an order for the required slab position. After pressing the Add button you will see a popup window with short order recap and fields for quantity designation and an optional comment field if you need to specify some extra information on your order. Once an order is placed the Add button will be automatically switched to the Edit button, which allows you to revise the placed order from the current page (all orders placed will be also available in your personal dashboard).
4. New order creation
In case you haven't found the lot suitable for you, there's always an option to create your own lot and send it for verification. The "Create Lot" button under the lots window will allow you to customize the full slab specification just to perfectly fits your needs. You may define the size requirements, chemistry, quantity and any other important information before submitting your request.
5. Personal cabinet
Each registered User of the platform has access to the personalized section with the information on ordered lots and their status, the history of completed lots and a section for lots comparison. From one place you may easily manipulate and analyse your book of orders.
6. Support
Our specialists are always ready to give you the necessary help with the Platform, either you need assistance in placing the order, or you would like to negotiate the details of the deal. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.